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QX5237 is suitable for driving two LED flashlights with dry batteries.

The peripheral circuit of QX5237 is simple and high in efficiency. It only needs an external inductance component to form an LED flashlight drive circuit board.

QX5237 has high reliability, simple use, and good production consistency. Through the adjustment of peripheral inductive components, it can meet the requirements of LED flashlights for different brightness.

QX5237 adopts TO-92 and SOT23 packages.

Ø Input voltage range: 1.6V ~ 3.2V

Ø Maximum output current: greater than 100mA

Ø High efficiency: up to 80%

Ø Only need an external inductor

Ø LED drive capacity: 3 ~ 6 20mA LED lights

Ø TO-92 package or SOT23 package

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