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QX2306 is a PFM synchronous boost DC / DC converter with high efficiency, low power consumption, low ripple and high operating frequency.

The QX2306 requires only three peripheral components to complete the conversion and boost of the low input battery voltage to the required operating voltage.

The output voltage of QX2306 can be selected by internal adjustment (step 0.1V), which is convenient for customers to apply to different output load conditions.

The output voltage of QX2306 system has the characteristics of low ripple and low noise.

QX2306's built-in synchronous switching tube can greatly reduce the loss on the switching tube, and the efficiency can reach up to 92%.

QX2306 works in PFM mode, which can effectively reduce the loss in light load mode and improve the service life of the device. At the same time, the low quiescent current of the chip can further reduce system losses.

Ø Maximum efficiency: 92%

Ø Maximum working frequency: 300 KHz

Ø Low quiescent current: 13uA

Ø Optional output voltage: 1.9V ~ 3.3V

Ø Output accuracy: ± 2.5%

Ø Low starting voltage: 0.65V low ripple, low noise

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