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QXS521 High-efficiency solar LED lawn light driver

QXS521 is a special integrated circuit designed for solar LED lawn lights.

QXS521 only needs an external inductor to form a solar lighting device.

QXS521 is composed of switch-type drive circuit, light control switch circuit, internal integrated charging switch and power tube.

The operating voltage of QXS521 is 0.7V to 1.5V, suitable for single AA batteries or single NiMH batteries.

The QXS521 with TO-94 package is controlled by solar panel, and the peripheral circuit does not need photoresistor and common resistor.

Ø Working voltage: 0.7V ~ 1.5V

Ø Input current: 1.2V / 22mA (68uH)

Ø Input current: 1.2V / 15mA (100uH)

Ø High efficiency: 83%

Ø Internal integrated light control switch

Ø Only one inductor is needed

Typical application circuit diagram

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Ø Solar lawn light

Ø Solar landscape light